How do you feel when you your girlfriend leaves you because you are still unemployed after engineering?

How do you feel when you your girlfriend leaves you because you are still unemployed after engineering?

Answer by Arun Raina:

In order to answer this question , let me share my perspective.

There is an extra ordinary speech by Onkar Kishan khular , in which he says:

Bolywood has made us to see love stories as the end destination. We have always been bought up the ideal story when a hero meets a heroine- is the ideal state-is the destination.But nobody talks about what if story end’s before that , what if there is a heart break ?

What after that ?

No body talks about that .

1000 of years ago, M'an was god. M'an had limitless powers as god would have .Suddenly M'an started misusing these powers,abusing these powers .So supreme God realised he need to take these away. So he asked his advisor where should I hide it?

First advisor Said – put it deep in the ground .

God said , M'an would find it and dig it out .

The second advisor said– put it deep in the ocean .

God said ,that M'an will find out that as well .

Third advisor said -Put it at the top of mountain.

God said that man would climb that mountain one day.

So supreme god decided ,that the source of this par need’s to be hidden in the heart of the man , where it cannot be found.

The keys to this par are only 2.

1: Love


2: Breakup

The chemical Locha Breakup, can be transferred from one person to another.Research has shown M'an traps his energy or his emotion in his creation .

  • Poet’s have transferred it to poems .
  • Artist’s have transferred it to paintings.
  • Entrepreneur have transferred it to startups.

The greek’s call this “Meraki”

Meaning : to do something with all your heart,with love.

Eq :Why is your mom food so tasty ?

Because it's made from heart.

This is the emotional energy , which is there.

But there is a flaw during love , you only do impossible thing’s for your partner. Not for anyone else, not for yourself , your parents, your friends etc.

E.g. : people saying I will get moon for you.

Human beings have this ability to transform themselves into something that they cannot do ,but can do only for one person whom they love.

But let us consider about heart break whether it's from partner ; parents or friends.Heart break can be from three cases:

  • Person you love’s say No
  • They cheat on you
  • Or they die

In 2005 at the age of 14 Onkar Kishan Got first heart break and he created a sketch.

After 2 years another heart break , he created a sculpture .

Then he got drop out from 2 different colleges.He left family business .

In 2014 he created a painting with thumb pins – 16000 thumb pins

The painting of Shivani and Shakti within three weeks.

He didn't felt any pain, it was another energy which created it.Today he has left 3 colleges , started and closed many companies.He has written a lot of books ,made a lot of paintings , created a lot of music and he is still trying to break some world records there and he is still 25.

He says whatever he is been doing from past years , there is pattern to all of it. And one common element is Heart break .Wheneve he was heart broken he did wonders .

He says biggest masterpieces are made after Heart Break .




June 17, 1631 ,Burhanpur

Shah Jahan spent 20 years & $1 Billion on making Taj Mahal for her.He made it just for a memory.This is the power of heart break.

The world was changed only by those who had emotional energies, who did not like what was going on .

How Breakup Feels ?


FORMULA =No fear + Energy + Free mind ➡️ Success .

You can either fail or you can use this energy to fuel success.

PS: source Power of Breakup | Onkar Kishan Khullar | TEDxRamanujanCollege

How do you feel when you your girlfriend leaves you because you are still unemployed after engineering?


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