Which is the best place to study for iit jee?

My answer to Which is the best place to study for iit jee?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

I have been asked this question quite a few times because I was not a part of a coaching institution so I’m glad I get to put this answer on paper (even if virtually) thanks to your question.

It depends on what you’re measuring the worth of taking coaching on. The one line, over-simplified answer is "slightly advantageous" for the short-term goal of clearing the JEE and "it doesn't matter" for long-term achievements.

Here's what came forth as top points:

1. Inspiration: inspiration leads to motivation, and motivation leads to action. Inspire yourself regularly by following role models.

2. Avoidance of distraction: smartphones, social media, and relationships – these are the three biggest distractions at this phase. Avoid all three as much as you can.

3. Focus: learn how to stay focussed for long. There are many focussing techniques (like meditation), which help bring laser sharp focus to your brain.

4. Eliminate learning gaps: while the full concept is too much to explain here, the gist is: make sure your foundations are solid, so you are able to build up knowledge on top of it. For eg. if you are weak in algebra or trigonometry, its going to hurt you in more advanced topics that build up on that.

5. Flow state: once again, a longer concept to talk about, but in short — when you begin studying, don't break that flow until the end of that phase of study. Constant breakage is massive waste of time.

6. Scheduling: you need to create a very tight schedule that makes sure that all weaknesses are fully covered.

7. Increasing challenge: keep challenging yourself regularly with solving increasingly difficult problems. If you aim for Everest, you will definitely manage to climb the mountains of Shimla. 😉 Try to simulate test situations as frequently as you can.

8.Eat & sleep well:Having a good diet is as much essential as studying. Your brain needs regular energy from food to work efficiently. You must have at least 8 hours of proper sleep to relax your brain.It is always better to start early and revise towards the end to come through with flying colours!!


Guwahati zone has the highest percentage of students who preferred self study for IIT JEE with 61.4% opting for it while Madras with 39.4% has the lowest number of students relying on self study for JEE preparation.The major reason for this upcoming trend in IIT preparation is the commercialization of coaching institutes and providing a one size fits all solution to IIT preparation. Those who crack IIT JEE eventually, learn at a much faster pace than others and with the batch sizes increasing to accommodate more people, there is an increasing divide within these batches which harms both the slow and fast learners


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thanks !

Which is the best place to study for iit jee?


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