Is Chandigarh University worth joining (for CSE)?

My answer to Is Chandigarh University worth joining (for CSE)?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Well telling dramatically when it come's to infrastructure and faciality , it is average we can't compare it with lpu ,srm or any other big univ but when it come's to a brand name CU it lack's at large extend .Well when we say of placements then it gives you at most happiness, the placements at cgc is quite good for software as there comes many branded companies like google, amazon,flipkart , dell, IBM etc and also major recruiting companies like infyosis ,cognizant etc.

Even CU i s growing ver fast and becoming no1 university in north side when it comes to placements, but only for software ie, cse & it.Also there are nearly 1400 student  per stream , so 1400 is quite a large number of student's with whom you will be competing .The teachers in first year are not very god, but after you go to your core branch 2nd year the staff is well experienced and quite good.

  The CU conducts various competitive fest and workshops.Also the cgc provide international internships with various foreign universities of usa, canada etc. CU also has conducted tpp program which will started towards the 2nd year , teaching the apptitude, C, C++ and various communication classes for preparing the students for gd and technical interviews for the placements.the overall college is good  but also the attendance is the main issue in this university, the min of 75% is compulsory to give the examination, even if you are getting 74.4% you will not be able to give your final exam's

But if you are thinking of doing from chandigarh then you should first give preference to thapar, ccet and pec.


Is Chandigarh University worth joining (for CSE)?


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