What are some cool tips about hostel life?

My answer to What are some cool tips about hostel life?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

For first-time hostelers, the thought of staying in a hostel tends to be very intimidating.

You’ll inevitably have some anxieties about what it’ll be like, but if you’ve picked a good hostel and take our tips into consideration, chances are you’ll have the time of your life

Get to know the place

Put your stuff in your room and take a minute to take in your surroundings. Is the bed comfortable? Are there other people in your room? Walk around the hostel and get to know the common areas – you will likely find it to be a very relaxed and calm environment.

Choose your room wisely: Co-ed or single sex?

Female travelers, especially those traveling alone, will want to pick a hostel with female-only rooms. They’re usually cleaner and quieter. However Co-ed rooms tend to be a lot of fun and you will meet and bond with other people much faster.

Bring earplugs

This doesn’t mean hostels are always going to be loud – but, when sharing rooms, it will never be completely noise-free, so bring some earplugs and you’ll be fine.


Do you leave your money, passport and other valuables laying around in your private room? I didn’t think so. So, the same applies here – if the hostel offers a locker or a safe, use it.

Don’t be shy!

You will usually always find people talking, reading, or checking their emails. Most hostelers are more than happy to have a stranger join their conversation, so don’t be shy. Introduce yourself and share something about your travel plans. Hostels are the best places to meet other people, make friends and share valuable travel tips.

Relax and enjoy the ride!

In general, backpackers and budget travelers are a decent trustworthy bunch, so just relax, get to know people, have fun and enjoy the ride!

Hostel life teaches us many things. It teaches us how to be self reliant. Hostel life is all about freedom and responsibilities! We learn how to manage ourselves and how to solve problems during our time at hostel. Most of us experience the taste of hostel life once we start attending college. Some students start their hostel life quite early, i.e, from school days itself. Some even don’t experience hostel life at all! But I think that’s a big loss. You learn so many lessons while being on your own at a hostel. Here, I’ll be providing some tips for hostel life. These tips will especially be helpful to new college students, who have just started their college life!

Now, let me tell you something about myself. I got the taste of hostel life after getting admission in an engineering college. The college was very far from my hometown. So I had to resort to hostel! I’ve had many funny, good and bad experiences throughout the 4 years of my course. Here, I will share some ‘Hostel life tips’ with you. I hope these tips will help out freshmen, who have just started their college and hostel life.

#1 Learn to Adjust

t hostel, you have to share your room with others. There might be 4 of you staying in a room. Now, when four students having different habits, mindset and culture are asked to share a room, there will be some clashes and difference in opinion.

The solution to this problem is that you learn to adjust with others! All of us must make some sacrifices to get along with each other. As time passes, you will get used to each other and will soon become good friends!

#2 Respect and befriend Seniors

There is a common notion that at a hostel, seniors exist just to rag and harass juniors! This is false (at least in my case). You got to respect your seniors. They have more experience than you, and this experience will be helpful to you.

Make it a point to befriend your seniors, who stay in the same hostel. They can be of help to you in academic matter too. If you find that the seniors are not morally sound and may influence you badly, then it is better to stay away from them. But, normally, in a hostel, there are both good and bad people. The trick is to recognize the good ones and befriend them!

#3 Don’t be a bookworm

As I said before, hostel life is all about freedom and responsibilities. You are free to do what you like, parents are not around to control you. But at the same time you are responsible for what you do! Hostel students (most of them) make full use of this new found freedom. They often hangout, go for movies etc. Try to involve in such activities. Don’t be a bookworm and stay indoors. Go for that movie, dine out, play football, socialize. There is so much to do!

Hey, don’t overdo these ‘fun stuffs’. Studies are more important. It is for studying that you are in the hostel. What I’m trying to say is that just don’t be a bookworm. Hope you got my point.

#4 Don’t Misuse your Freedom

Freedom, just like a coin, has two sides. Freedom enables us to be self reliant. This teaches us many new and useful lesson and ultimately prepare us to take on the tough world that lies ahead. But the same freedom can be misused.

Since there are no parents snooping around, hostel students easily develop bad habits like consuming alcohol, smoking etc. They sense a feeling of being ‘grown-up’ by doing so. But I request you to never misuse your freedom. Stay away from such bad habits and stay away from those ‘friends’, who have developed such habits.

#5 Learn Some basic Tasks

Learn to do some basic tasks like washing clothes, ironing clothes, making tea, changing fuse, sweeping floors, cleansing utensils etc.

Hope you enjoyed my article. Above all I hope that my tips for hostel life prove helpful to you. Hostel life is fun. Yes, at the beginning, it will seem boring and frustrating. It is natural, because it is the first time you are being away from home and family. Adjusting and getting along with hostel mates will take some time. Find out the good ones and befriend them. Be helpful to others. In no time, you will start enjoying your hostel life. The friendships formed during this time will last a lifetime!

PS: image courtesy #4 from google

Thank You

What are some cool tips about hostel life?


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