I love a girl but she love someone else . What should I do?

My @Quora answer to I love a girl but she love someone else . What should I do?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

You can't really make someone fall in love with you, and such an intention isn't justified either. Also, falling in love with someone just because he/she looks great, isn't a way for a really strong and lasting relationship.

Spend time with her. Get to know her. One way of building a deeper friendship with her is to make her feel special in tiny ways occasionally, which leads to love often. Know her as a person. Know what she loves and what she absolutely detests. Let her do the same to you. Grow up as friends together. Grow up together in love.

If she likes someone who doesn't reciprocate, you needn't be worried about her being extremely obsessed with him. If you happen to be a bright flame in her life, a flame of inspiration, love, care, support, strength and friendship, she'll know your love. And she'll probably be yours.

I'm sure you know that you cannot "make" someone fall in love with you.  You can, however, do what you can to make yourself someone with whom it's worth falling in love.  Do that by being loving, respectful, interested, and most importantly, by being entirely you – know who you are, and be honest with yourself. 

Love starts with a connection.  From a practical standpoint, that means meeting someone and starting something – there are plenty of answers here to get you started.

Take a genuine interest in what a lady is thinking and feeling, think about what that might be like, talk to her about it.  Share the same things about yourself – but share them, don't dump them.  Think of her as someone who is worth knowing, and then make the investment in knowing her. 

Love is not a transaction in which certain actions entitle you to something.  It's a constant cycle of giving, forgiving, and gratefully receiving the realness of another person – of seeing them in their entirety and appreciating them, and allowing them to see you and appreciate you. 

If you're thinking about love as a goal, tell a different story:  love is a process, a series of choices, a gift, a responsibility.  It's a way of knowing.  You get the hang of it by doing it – by living it, by losing it and weeping over it, finding it again. 

Sometimes the person you fall in love with doesn't fall in love with you – that's okay too.  Miserable, but okay.  There's enough love in you to keep you going.

THANKS FOR A2A  Harsimran Singh

I love a girl but she love someone else . What should I do?


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