How do I impress a Malayali girl?

My @Quora answer to How do I impress a Malayali girl?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

I couldn't agree more when you said cheesy lines, fancy dates and pretty gifts are a little too old school now. So here are a few thumb rules you need to follow:

  • Lets start with the first thing a girl will notice in a guy, and that is his dressing sense. Make sure you are in sync with the fashion and when I say fashion, I don't mean "ripped jeans, aviators and leather jackets".You can impress her by wearing just a normal T-shirt and a pair of jeans if you can carry them off with elan.
  • Next important thing is to try and be original. No run-of-the-mill pick up lines orflattering is gonna help you.
  • Do not flash your cash. A smart girl can always tell when you are trying to a little too hard to show off your gold. So, I would say its better to skip that "Hey waiter! Get the costliest wine" act with the snap of your fingers.
  • Remember to keep your language clean. It might be hip outside the borders of this country but using the f-word and all other 'highly respectable words' is not gonna earn you any brownie points. It will just make her feel that your vocabulary is lesser than the Paris Hilton's IQ.
  • A smart Indian girl will fall for a guy who is passionate about something. Be it dance, music, painting or even cooking. You just need to show her your "never seen before" side.
  • Respect her cultures and beliefs. Even if it means crossing your heart each time you pass by a church/temple. It's not going to hurt you.
  • And finally, the right amount of 'chivalry' (pulling a chair for her or opening the door) and a tinge of possessiveness will bowl her out totally.

    All in one, impressing a smart Indian girl might not be cakewalk but trust me it will be WORTH THE PAIN.


How do I impress a Malayali girl?


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