How do I get to know women’s psychology?

My @Quora answer to How do I get to know women's psychology?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

These are not mind blowing facts but some observations!

  1. Men generally forget or don't think about the issue once it is over, but women do! They will ask you a lot of questions – what & why- about that issue. You always find that women recall all the previous fights again & again. So in case there is a fight, please clear all her doubts so that they won't bother you in future.
  2. Women are overthinkers. So doubts, questions & debate will always be there! (Reason is given in #5 and 6)
  1. When it comes to relations, No any problem is that much small for women, and no any problem is that much big for men. (I have read it somewhere)
  2. Women's peripheral vision is better than men's. (Got it from brain games :-P) that is why men face difficulties in finding their things from closets & drawers!
  3. Women speak too much because evolutionarily their mind is developed to notice everything in very detailed manner, so women knows more details and so they speak a lot. (Females were the cheif care taker of the nest/family so they know everything in detail- it is the necessary). Anyone – man or woman- who have a lot of detailed knowledge speaks a lot. (But it doesn't mean that all who speak so much are quite knowledgeable!)
  4. Women can interrelate the informations. Moreover, as i said earlier, they remeber everything in detail. So, they can remember all the special dates and events. Have you ever noticed that women can remind you any event by reminding the things you did on that day or the previous/next day, and what not? 😛 ... That is why when it comes to relationship & arguments, men can't defeat women as they always have very strong arguments about what you did in past- about which men might have forgotten! Men do not have any clue about what they (women) are talking and hence they can't give any counter argument!
  5. Women generally speak in 'introdcution-details-conclusion' format. 😀 They generally lay a base and then start the particular topic.
  6. Friendship between two women is not so strong as friendship between two men. (At least that is what I have noticed!)
  7. Women love being with someone.You will hardly find any woman who is sitting alone and enjoying the beautiful sunny day. They generally prefer someone's company, even when they go to washrooms!
  8. Women share food. A mother inside every woman awakes whenever it gets a chance.
  1. Women will be your mommy at the moment you start complaining about your health. (Well, sometimes this depends on her mood!)
  2. Women care for their hair. Men can't even imagine how much they care for their hair. 'Maybe' that is why women who are successful in their proffesional/academic life have short hair! Or they keep their hair short during their journey towards success. (South Indian ladies are exceptions!-appreciate it)
  3. Women count the hours left to sleep if she is staying up till late night.
  4. Women prefer verbal fight, men prefer punching & kicking 😀
  5. Women feel confused while using Google maps (Generally), no matter how much good they are in map-making in geography!
  6. Women drop hints and express their opinions indirectly. Men are straightforward! (Comparatively)
  7. Women do not share their expensive things such as gedgets and vehicles, they are quite possesive!
  8. Women keep account of daily expenses just for their knowledge or savings.
  9. When women eat food in public places, they eat with two fingers and thumb only. They try to keep their hands as clean as possible.
  10. When women use tissue paper while eating they just touch their lips with tissue paper, not really wipe them with little pressure.
  11. As Miss. Anonymous mentioned here, women say 'I am fine' even when they are crying. It is because they want to be treated well. They need care and concern at that time but i don't know why they never ask for them. Maybe women don't want to confess their problems before someone ask them- it is kind of bad manner- but at the same time they want to share it, so they let the person ask the same question few more times. Moreover, it is a kind of test before sharing her problems, in which she decides whether you are really concerned or not! But the actual reason behind it is still a mystery to me! (Maybe #1,2,3 are also responsible for this)
  1. While walking women keep their legs together, men keep their legs little apart. (Men do have genital in-between their legs, so crossing the legs so tightly is not comfortable for them.)
  2. When women sit with crossed legs, they put one leg on another- one leg's popliteal on another's knee. (Women's hip-bone is more rounded to create more space for childbearing, so sitting like men is not so comfortable for women, if they sit like men then sometimes it starts paining.) Men put the ankle of one leg on the knee of another leg.- reason is described in the previous point.
  3. (I am not so sure but…) Men watch porn and get aroused. Women get aroused and then watch porn! (… And then feel guilty for watching such cheap and dirty stuff, as it is considered as a bad thing!) Watching porn doesn't make a woman aroused unless she wants it! (24-A)…Women love simply erotic material (soft porn) than XXX. Men prefer nudity. (No offense, it is quite natural) If she is not aroused then she may feel gross about porn videos but if she watches a romantic movie in which cuddling and making out eventually leads to xxx video then she may feel aroused! Women generally prefer 'romantic' material, men prefer 'sexy'.- (got it from a book)

  1. Men generally forget cleaning up the room.They forget the wet towel on the bed.They let the dirty clothes lying on the floor or where they changed them.They just forget it, and sometimes too lazy! They do household chores if women ask-request- them to do so!
  2. Evolutionarily, Men are great shooters, women can't shoot so easily. (As females were the care taker of the nest so their peripheral vision is so wide which distracts them, and males were protectors and hunters, so their peripheral vision is narrow and they can concentrate on the aim to shoot.) So, it is natural in men. Women develop this skill.
  3. If she is not a pseudo-feminist who always talk with 'I don't need you' attitude, then no matter how much independent she is, she loves the men chivalry; the way you open the door for her on special occasions, the way you pamper her, etc. No matter how many times she goes for tracking & hikings but she loves if you give her your hand on some special occasions. She loves when you caress her head or you hug them tightly. In short she loves to be treated like a princess or a baby! It is quite natural. Evolutionarily! Male always try to please a female and then female choose him for mating. It is also true in humans. That is why it is called 'respecting the women' or 'good manner'. Here, gender equality does not come in picture!
  4. After a certain stage of relationships, Women express their feelings by speaking, men do it by showing through their acts. (The difference between father's and mother's way of showing love!
  5. When man shy or blush they generally look upward or on their right & left. When women shy they look downward. Men itch their chin/jaw/eyebrow/forehead, women adjust the strand of hair behind their ear. (Just added, after a friend's request!)
  6. Some I got from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- By Mark Twain
  • When you throw something to the girls they part the legs to catch the thing in her frock, men bring the legs closer as they were used to wear trousers. "…When a girl tries to catch anything in her lap she throws her knees apart; she don’t clap them together…" (Copy pasted from the adventures Huckleberry Finn)

How do I get to know women's psychology?


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