Whom should I consider as my soulmate?

My @Quora answer to Whom should I consider as my soulmate?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

I think everybody has their own definition depending on what stage of life they are in.

Here's the one I use for my book, How to Manifest Your SoulMate with EFT: Relationship as a Spiritual Path.

My definition of SoulMate is different. I put the emphasis on the “Soul” and the spiritual path that a relationship can be.

A SoulMate is a spiritual/evolutionary partner:

  • with whom you can be whole, healed and therefore holy
  • who challenges and supports your personal growth and spiritual evolution
  • who partners with you in the mutual fulfillment of a higher purpose
  • who channels divine love into your life

A SoulMate relationship is a heroic journey, not without peril. As such, it is a catalyst for both personal and societal transformation. The focus of a SoulMate relationship is healing your selves and the world through conscious evolution and the expansion of your capacities to love and serve each other and all of humanity. At its zenith, the level of love, intimacy and commitment is high.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

A SoulMate comes into your life to help your evolve personally and spiritually. By coming into your life and being in relationship with you, they trigger all that is unhealed and fearful in you for the purpose of healing, so that you can be whole, therefore holy.

Often times, that involves blows to your ego and a transformation of your Identity.

The ego is only a tool to help you negotiate the manifest world: it is not who you are. A SoulMate helps you awaken to deeper dimensions of your Self – to your true essence and the ground of all being – which is Love. This alchemical process is painful – a death and rebirth cycle.


SoulMates are consciously committed to helping each other grow. Therefore, they stand with each other through the inevitable tests and trials that happen as a relationship grows and deepens. They celebrate each other’s transformation from a fearful, limited human being who looks for love outside of themselves into a courageous, clear, abundant channel of Love.


SoulMates are conscious of the underlying unity of all things. Therefore, a SoulMate relationship supports and encourages fulfillment of a Higher Purpose, thus also serving the larger community.

When you meet someone whom you just cant get over, you can call them your soulmate…If you remember your God, like Ganesh ji, Krishna ji or anyone..when you think about them…When no matter whoever it is that tells you that they are interested in you, it doesn't stop you from thinking about them…You always think about that they like, you always miss them..There are so many things that you badly feel the need to tell them..so many things and feelings to share..but when you get a chance, you just don't say anything..when you are really grateful for each and every thing that they do…when your heart melts at every little thing they do to make you feel happy and cozy, they are always there for you and no matter whether they are there or not there you still care for them..When unke aawa aur kisime rab dikhta hi nahi..



they are your soulmate…


Whom should I consider as my soulmate?


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