What do IIT Delhi hostels look like?

My @Quora answer to What do IIT Delhi hostels look like?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

There are 13 hostels, 11 boys, 2 girls. Hostels are well maintained if you talk about security, 24 hrs clean water, internet, electricity availability. But heres the catch. In most of the hostels, there are 3-4 floors and no lift. There is only ONE water filter only at the ground floor in my hostel. The one at 2nd floor is not functional since months and is never gonna be. Students have to come from 3rd floor to ground floor to refill drinking water. Two newly constructed hostels have lifts and better water availability at different floors. These hostels have bigger rooms compared to other hostels. You have canteens and night canteens at almost every hostel with decent rates.

Timings for mess is strictly fixed. Hostels are clean, but you have to clean your room yourself. You always will feel bad smell near the washrooms but the washrooms are daily cleaned. You have geysers for winters.

Girls hostel has everything worse. Situated on a DRAIN which smells TOO bad 24X7. Availability of rooms is a major problem there and mess food is pathetic.

Yes, the hostels are well maintained but that varies from hostel to hostel and how brilliant maintanence you expect.

You can come and go whenever you want to, the hostel is 24 hrs open. Internet connection is closed from 1-6 a.m. The hostel is 24 hrs awake with night canteen open till 3:30 a.m. and breakfast serving at 7:15 a.m.

The kind of hostel life depends on the type of person.

There are several type of hostel lives :-

  1. A person can live in his room forever without interacting with any other hostelmate.
  2. A group of 5-7 nerds just talking to each other and not talking to any other person.
  3. A group of guys playing football inside the hostel's corridor, getting drunk, having hookah etc, making noise and "Disturbing" the types 1,2. You can always find these people enjoying life to the fullest.

What do IIT Delhi hostels look like?


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