What are 10 most difficult phases when we go to hostel for the first time?

My @Quora answer to What are 10 most difficult phases when we go to hostel for the first time?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

I don't want to sound like a monk, but I refuse to accept that the issues one faces in a Hostel should actually come across as "Problems".
Experiences, that's what they are.

Freshman year:
Experience #1 : Coping with sudden physical distance from parents.
E #2 : Adjusting with the horrible food, nondescript ambiance, new classmates and room-mates while trying to accept the cultural shock

E #3: Developing the maturity to try and not escalate a fight with a fellow hostel-mate/ classmate.
E #4: Fighting the urge to bunk classes to go to the movies/ canteen/ lazy around/ sleep etc. etc.

E #5: Getting used to the habit of not bathing regularly.
E #6: Losing yourself for hours together in the brand-new laptop, and then cursing yourself for it later.

E #7: Trying not to give into peer pressures/ urge to experiment with alcohol, smoke etc.
E #8 : Trying to gather the courage to finally open your books one week before the exams.

Sophomore year:
E #9: Trying to learn your lessons from E #1- E #8 of last year, and learning to be a little more mature this year.

That's it, hostel life's pretty simple and straight forward after that:

if(E #9==successful)
printf("A wonderful and distinguished college and academic life, with a confident step into the future.");
printf("Still a wonderful future, but with a slight regret that things would probably have turned much better had E #9 been successful.");
printf("Hostel life can give you with something so valuable, that staying at home can never replicate. Its for you to get into it and realize that treasure.");

PS: There could of course be more experiences; these are just the ones that immediately hit my head.
Another PS: I'm sorry if you dislike Programming. 😛

What are 10 most difficult phases when we go to hostel for the first time?


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