How is food at IIT?

My @Quora answer to How is food at IIT?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

As per my friend told me :

1. Hygiene: pretty good.
2. Good food is limited. Deserts, butter, manchurian, omelette etc which taste good are limited. 
3.Roti: They are never soft. Available in medium , hard or rock hard.
4. Rice : Either they don't know how to cook rice dishes like biryani, fried rice, etc or they don't care about the taste of the rice dishes. Even though I am a south indian, I prefer roti to rice in the mess.
5.Dal and milk: Almost always diluted.

Breakfast and Dinner are better than lunch.

The quality of the food in the first two weeks can range from being average to good. The quality decreases as the semester ends. You may think the students may get bored of the food , and that is why they say the quality of the food decreases,but I thinks its only partially true.  Last semester, i ate lunch in the mess so few times, that i dont even remember the menu. I found a decrease in the quality of food as the semester ends. You find more and more potatoes in what should be a brinjal or okra curry. The molarity of dal or rajma decreases towards the end of the semester.

A typical weekly purchase of vegetables in shivalik( One of the hostel of IITD. Each hostel has its own mess).

brinjal : 20 kg
tomatoes : 20kg
beans :10kg
okra : 20 kg
ginger : 1kg
chilies : 2kg
fucking potatoes : 200kg!!

How is food at IIT?


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