How do I convince a girl when she is angry?

My @Quora answer to How do I convince a girl when she is angry?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

I have been in this situation many a times and I tried a lot of things to convince my girlfriend every time she was upset/angry at me but nothing seemed to work. In fact, matters got even worse when I tried resolving the issues. But then one day I came back from a long day of work and found my girlfriend greatly pissed at me for some reason. I was too tired and didn't want to put in any effort to convince her for I knew it would turn into another argument and all my efforts will go in vain. I just wanted to have a few drinks to help me relax, listen to some nice music, have dinner and sleep. And this is exactly what I did but there's a way for doing it which I think might help you. So keep these points in mind whenever there's an argument between you and your girlfriend.

  • Golden rule – Never argue and try to convince your girlfriend if she's not in the right mood. Try and calm her down by just accepting your fault and apologizing for it.

  • Say sorry and mean it or just act as if you mean it. There's no harm in letting your girlfriend win an argument.

  • Take her out for a casual outing. It doesn't have to be a proper date. Go to some nice restaurant whose food you both like, order a couple of drinks, talk about work and how has your day been. Ask the same from her and listen to what she's saying or just pretend that you're interested.

These are the smallest things you can do to convince her. It worked wonders for me and it can help you too. I was actually doing what I wanted to do but made it look like It was for her. Hope that helps!




She'll try to look cool in that(as most would) at least she pretends to…


The feeling she pretends to have might become genuine


Kiss her in FOREHEAD and say u miss her
so either she'll kiss you back or she'll punch you in your nose(atleast her anger drains that way)…peace

Good luck!

thanks for A2A Mit Saha

How do I convince a girl when she is angry?


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