Do Sikhs change their turban after shower?

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Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Before you begin reading my answer, take a look at Shubhankar Chawla's answer to Punjab, India: Why are Punjabis so proud of being a punjabi? The guy has done a terrific job there. His answer is almost entirely about Sikhs; do read! It is funny!

Alright I will do this. I didn't wish to, but anyway, here it is. I am gonna do it in aStereotypes and Myths style if you don't mind.

Sikhism is the "latest" of all religions in the world, coming into proper existence only in 1699 after the tenth Guru formally established the Khalsa Panth. Sikhism is NOT the amalgamation or "lite" version of Hinduism and Islam.

Sardar, no englees, no engleesh.
The fact that I am writing this answer in English should blow this myth apart into smithereens.

Some true stereotypes.

  1. Sardars are fun loving, happy-go-lucky people. I may have denied it before but it is true. It just runs in our blood or something.
  2. Sardars are proudy proudy people. We kinda are, though we are jealousy jealousy people too.
  3. Sardars can Bhangra on just about anything. Yes. Yes, we can. We can even dance to the sounds of a generator.
  4. Sardars are brave. Matter of fact, we are. I wasn't a brave child (which should be evident from the attached picture below), but as I have grown I have become way more bolder and braver than I ever was. You don't mess with ze sardar!
  5. Sardars are loud. YES WE ARE.
  6. Sardars love food. Aaloo de praunthe, rajmah-chawal, butter chicken. Yumm.
  7. Yes our names follow this matrix.
    Courtey- Rajesh Gupta
  8. Sardars (or Punjabis) are overtaking Ontario, Canada. Recently Toronto's first Punjabi Film Festival took place, the anthem? "Saada Punjab Ontario". (translates to – "Ontario is our Punjab.")
  9. We like to make fun of ourselves. (but have double-standards on this)
  10. We are romantic. I think we are, maybe.. Although we have pretty unconventional ways of expressing our love.
  11. We all want to go 'baahr' (out). You see in Punjab 'out' means abroad. So yes almost every one of us wants to go 'out'. (See factoid 8 above)

Now for some myth-busting.
Firstly, Punjabi is NOT equal to Sardar/Sikh. Punjabis are people who live in the Indian political state of Punjab and Sardars and Sikhs are the followers of the religious sect Sikhism.
Let's begin.

Myth 1: Sikhs are very religious and are a martial race who are all trained in one-on-one combat.
The best part about Sikhism was that it actively abolished all prevalent nonsensical beliefs and practices like the Sati practice, Fasting etc and it also vehemently broke the Muslim hegemony prevalent in Northern India at the time. They are not meant to engage in any illogical practices. Sikhs are ideally meant to be "saint soldiers" or badass – not withstanding any unjust oppression both on self and others.

The reality
Nah. We aren't any of that. That's all too idealistic. We are barely human just like any one else from any other religion. We are meant to do a lot of stuff but we don't. Of course I am being all too unjust here, there are a lot of Sikhs who sing their prayers and go to the Gurudawara and engage in all other religious activities. We are not all martially trained to fight as a cavalry troop. The only real badass ideal Sikhs are the Nihang Sikhs. As for the illogical practices part, oh we do a LOT of them, despite what our scriptures ask us to, we still do it. I guess it's human nature.
But of course we are badass at times, like this –

Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh

Myth 2: Sardars are tall and strong and they work in fields all day. They like to beat up random people because they are angry young men.

Ideal sardar

The reality

That is me, 7 years old. I still look the same. No we are not all "hatta katta".
Yes we do all work in fields, like Science, Literature, Politics, Sports, Economics, Military, Agriculture etc.
Although the angry young men part which most Punjabi songs dictate these days is half-true. But I blame these very songs for this mess up.

Myth 3: Sardars are dumb dumb people.
They are those kids who wear the dunce caps in class.

The reality
Three words – go fuck yourself.
Your broadband runs today because of a sardar – Narinder Singh Kapany. India's most badass journalist ever is a sardar – Khushwant Singh. India's most badass Economist is a sardar – Manmohan Singh. The only officer of the Indian Air Force to be promoted to a five-star rank is a sardar – Air Chief Marshall Arjan Singh. India's best athlete ever is a sardar – Milkha Singh. Owner of India's top drug making company, Ranbaxy, is a sardar – Shivinder Mohan Singh. World's oldest and most badass marathon runner is a sardar – Fauja Singh.
Just stop being stupid.

Myth 4: (for you Non-Indians reading this) Turban = Sardars = Muslims = Middle-East = Terrorists = Jihad = 9/11 = Everything wrong in this world

The reality


Middle Eastern guy




Myth 5: Sardars live on Makki di roti, Sarson da saag and Lassi


The reality
No matter how tasty that might be, no we don't live on that. We like other vegetables, pizza, pasta, Thai food and Chinese food as much as you do.
And uh saag is a winter food. Seasonal vegetables, heard of them?

Myth 6: Sikhs don't eat meat or smoke or drink alcohol.

The reality

Eh heh heh. Like I said, we are humans, just like you. Rum, Butter Chicken, Whiskey are all staple diets in Punjab. But please don't generalize this, there are a lot of folks who don't do any of this stuff.

Myth 7: Bhagat Singh was the most badass Sikh of recent times.

The reality
Bhagat Singh was an anarchist and an atheist. He was born in a Sikh family but did not identify himself as a Sikh.

Myth 8: 'Sardar ke 12 baj gaye' is a joke which came into existence because Sardars are potatoes.

The reality
When Muslims ruled Northern India they would abduct Hindu women and girls and use them. Sikhs would raid Muslim strongholds in the middle of the night and bring these kidnapped women back to safety. Which led to Muslim women asking their kids to go bed 'or the Sardars will come.' You know, to scare them.
This is where this joke comes from. All Sardars find it offensive. (except me, I find it very funny and interesting how things lose their actual meaning over time)

I thought maybe I had add a bit or two about some general things relating to Punjab too. Hope you don't mind.

Myth: Punjab is a land full of farms and dhabas (where Sardars do stuff from Myth 2 above)

Perceived image of Punjab.

The reality
Wrong, sir. Punjab is a majority semi-urban land. Of course there are farms and dhabas but they are not everywhere. Go visit Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Patiala, Jagraon, Ferozepur or Bhatinda and you'll see. We've got (potential) Asia's largest city center (shopping complex types) in Ludhiana for Chris' sake! (The fact that it hasn't gotten constructed due to a pending lawsuit against the former Chief Minister is a different matter)

Myth: If your surname is Sidhu then you are a relative of Navjot Singh Sidhu.

The reality
I could go into deep details here, but no, we aren't all related like that. However, if you go back a few generations we probably (almost surely) are. Stands true for almost all surnames.

Myth: Every Sardar from Punjab is a Jatt.

The reality
No. Wrong. Very wrong. I won't go into deep details because it could hurt sentiments but I will leave you with a little knowledge. Jatts are immensely proud of their Jatt-ness. It's a runs in the blood thing – I am too. They get a little condescending towards other Sardars however – I do too.
If you want to know more about this, PM me.

NOW the answer for you question is very gentle , many people think that do we wear turban all night , day and etc that's not like that we are supposed to cover over hair  to respect the 5 kakar's given by our guru's .Each fresh day , a true SIKH man ties a new turban and basically when a man gets a shower he even cover his head with a small piece of cloth called parna or patka , so that he should not dis respect the the precious gift given by the guru's.



Do Sikhs change their turban after shower?


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