What are the best poses for selfies for guys?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Personally I prefer random photographs more than the ones posed. Be it any gender, if a photographer knows his angles and surroundings well, you will just love your randoms. Besides, selfies or groupies are one hot topic these days so I guess that's what you probably wanna know how to pose for.
Firstly, you need to relax. Just smile. I am hoping you would have known by know which side of your face or body looks more appealing in the pictures. Blend in, don't try to keep focus onto yourself unless of course you want to photo bomb! If your not comfortable somehow just pose a V with an attitude/smile. Doesn't really matter. Being a guy avoid pouts or duck faces,although guys do it these days and m definitely not biased,rather i find it very hot, but then again you gotta have that attitude n confidence to carry it off with ease.
If you go blank seeing a camera being focused at you then ask the photographer/friend to go for piks without telling you. If you have a good height then use it to your advantage. Showcase your height and physique with a smile. Even if not then not to worry, you can go comic or can actually photobomb to avoid the weird feeling of looking into a camera. Important note:  Dont use shades/goggles when you are clicking indoors. It gives creepy feeling!! And that is definitely not cool!!
There are alot of poses you can try but then again you know best which will suit you better.
And if you are still confused, do a lot of research by googling piks of guys posing with friends/peers.
When I think of a selfie, what immediately comes to mind is a photo of a person’s face. But the truth is, a selfie is any picture of you, taken by you. Why not take a photo of your feet—especially if you want to draw attention to your new pair of shoes? Or shoot a photo of the new bracelet or Fitbit on your wrist or your newly-polished fingernails. In your next selfie, challenge yourself to creatively capture you by striking a flattering pose and experimenting with different ways to hold your camera. Then, just snap away!
One really fun idea that I haven’t seen very often is to have someone take a picture of you taking a selfie.  It’s a really flattering look and is really interesting.

What are the best poses for selfies for guys?


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