How do I make my best friend fall in love with me?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Thanks for A2A.
I am not answering your question to the point. Just giving you a suggestion. This concept of 'making a girl fall' is something I would advise you not to follow. Its all Pretentious. Main problem with it is that You do what she likes but not what you want. You do things to impress her by being someone else. And she'll fall for that someone but not you. It'll all be good till she 'falls' for you. What about future?
You can't pretend forever. And then comes emotional drama 'you've changed', 'you don't love me as you used to', 'you're not interested in me anymore, are you seeing some one else?' Its human tendency to take people for granted. So don't go this way dude. She's not ready, give her time. If she develops interest in you its good, or else respect her as a friend. This, So called feeling of 'Love' should generate itself and not by any force. It should occur naturally and not by planning or techniques.
Trust me bro, if you approach with an intention to 'make a girl fall' then you can do it to any girl. But it won't last long and its not correct. I am sorry if my answer disappointed or discouraged you, but I've seen numerous such failure cases. So just a brotherly advise.
But if u don't agree with me , then here is few steps to make her fall in love with you :
  1. Okay, she does not have feelings for you. But if you truly love her then make her fall in love with you. Get her to like you more than a friend, at least. And then keep trying. Flirt with her. Make her smile more than often. Say stupid cheesy lines because us girls love it. Charm your way out. Tell her every little thing going on with your life. Let her know how important she is to you, in your life
  1. Give it some time. Flirt but in limits. From my personal experience I'll say that guys who constantly try to hit on women and try to impress her are a big turn off for women.And mean, all of it.
  1. The last thing – Make sure you both trust each other. Without trust, lies no relationship. SO even if, you both start to have feelings for each other, the minute you lie to the other, things won't be the same. Take it as a 'been there, done that' thing.
THANKS FOR A2A  Vihar Shinde

How do I make my best friend fall in love with me?


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