How do I know if he is truly interested in me?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

So let’s get the obvious, tell-tale signs out of the way because that’s what you came here for:
  • He finds excuses to talk with you
  • He speaks to you “differently” than he speaks to others
  • He tries to impress you (either subtly or not-so-subtly)
  • He compliments you with words like sexy or beautiful or hot or gorgeous or cute, etc.
  • He talks to you outside of the place where you met him in (outside of work or school, for example)
  • He jokes around with you and if he teases you, it’s the type of teasing that makes you laugh
  • He’s suggested you two hanging out or doing something together
  • He seems  to watch you or stare at you
I could go on and on with a list, but what I’ve given you above captures the best, surefire signs he’s into you.
It always amazes me when I hear women talking about signs and signals a man is sending them, as if they’re trying to decipher the Da Vinci Code.
Listen… that guy who you like is just a guy… he’s not a psychological mastermind…
Relax… stop obsessing… stop analyzing… stop making men complicated.
Keep things simple.  The stuff that actually works in relationships is simple… not glamorous, complex or hard to understand.
  1. -He smiles at you
  1. -When he sees you talking to other guys he gets agitated/jealous
  1. -He looks at you a lot, or takes a last look at you when he leaves the room
  2. -He finds excuses to touch you
  3. -If you are touching each other, he doesn't pull away. Note that a shy guy may find touching a girl he likes overwhelming and pull away for that reason.
  4. -He improves his posture near you, stands up straighter, pushes out his chest, and moves his shoulders slightly more when he walks.
  5. -He takes extra care to groom himself well when he knows you'll be around
  6. -He raises his eyebrows when he replies to something you've said
  7. -He stands closer to you than would normally be appropriate for strangers
  8. -His voice gets lower when he talks to you
  9. -He holds eye contact with you longer than is appropriate for strangers
  10. -When standing in a group, the foot that is holding less of his weight points at you
  11. -He subconsciously leans towards you
  12. -If you are sitting across from each other, he leans over the table towards you, especially if not necessary to hear you
  13. -He fumbles over his words while talking to you
  14. -He tries to make conversation with you, especially when it is hard
  15. -He mimics your body language
  16. -His eyes are dilated when he's looking at you, especially when not in a dark room
  17. -When he tells a joke, he looks to see if you laughed
  18. -He tries to impress you with whatever he thinks he is good at
  19. -He initiates conversations with you, especially outside the place he met you
  20. -He asks for your number or asks you on a date
  21. -When you're dancing with him, or when you hug him, he gets an erection

How do I know if he is truly interested in me?


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