How can I get a girl back?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Thanks for asking this wonderful question.
Well basically your situation is like mine, so i can give you an appropriate answer.Well girl's differ a lot from boy's, when we boy's come in relation we never think of future or anything but girls always think of their future with the boy.Well dude don't hold back , and if you think you absence will make her suffer and she will be back with you then you are wrong, if u can't keep him happy someone else will, u getting my point. So don;t give any other person a opportunity .
Well basic thing that matters in love is trust and if you thing that after it has been 2 yr's slowly slowly your love has been faded away , then your are wrong as we know a famous line TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES". And nothing is impossible, come on dude you are living in 21st century and your girls said her parents wouldn't agree and you agreed with him, be brave man  take a step and give her motivation that we will convince  our parents no matter what it cost's & if at that time you should have told this, i guarantee it would have melt her heart. Girls don't like suprise's, they just want their partner to stand with them .
Just approach her, talk to her and make her realize that   you are the only thing that matters is his life and tell her i will give every effort to make you mind  and it will be possible but  just want you to stand with me my princess.
THANKS FOR A2A Dhruvil Kharadi

How can I get a girl back?


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