What are the best comments for a girl’s picture?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

If she is a stranger:
DO NOT COMMENT, unless of course you wanna come across as a have-nothing-better-to-do person.
If she is an acquaintance:
Something that shows what you think about the DP as long as its not offensive, condescending,insulting or awkward. something like "Hey you look nice in this one". However if you think she doesnt look so good, message her instead.
If she is a friend:
Something to pull her leg while not being offensive, racist or sexist. sarcastic is fine if she gets it. If she doesn't, it's your lucky day.  *wink*
If you have a crush on her:
Again something along the lines of  "Hey you look nice". Something subtle, that doesn't highlight your feelings with a big bright light.
If she is your girlfriend:
"My baby always looks gorgeous" would make her smile wide, and you would have a great day coz her happiness wouldn't wear out soon.
"(y) nice" would do just fine for all of the cases
THANKS FOR A2A  Shubham Patil

What are the best comments for a girl's picture?


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