What are some awesome best friends pictures?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

I love documenting moments, especially through photography. Though, I wonder if "friendship" can be captured in a lens. It is the story behind a photograph that makes it special. Here are few of them that I have documented.
Water war in the middle of the road is friendship.
Not giving up on the fight is friendship
They say never go full retard. Going full retard together is friendship.
Sharing silence is friendship.
Travelling, going places together is friendship.
Knowing what is cooking between your friends is friendship! 🙂
Being a camera whore is friendship! 😀
Teaching your friend how to "master the art of rolling a joint" is friendship. 😛
Talking lunatic over roadside tea is friendship.
Birthday surprises in a parking lot is friendship.
Hogging together thinking that "its okay,we are getting fat together" is friendship.
Clicking shameless "selfies" in the rear view of an auto rikshaw thinking "dude, we are such a badass" is friendship.
Asking waiter to click a picture everytime we go out for dinner in a restaurant is friendship.
Insulting each other, hurling abuses to prove your point… over tea while watching sunset is friendship.
Putting on same lipstick and making the duck pout inside a washroom at mall is friendship. 🙂
Growing old together is friendship
the bond of friendship

What are some awesome best friends pictures?


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