Did you had an experience of someone loving you and you can’t reciprocate his/her feelings?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Well i would thanks you for asking this question ,because you reminded me of my old days, well  it was before 3-4 years , when there was a girl who was my f.b friends. It was good for 1-2 months, just normal chat , but soon she asked me for my number, we exchanged our numbers, talked for couple of months, then finally i got a sense that she seems interested in me, by feeling jealous if i talk to any other girls n etc. soon we had many hangout, parties just like friends.
I never felt that i love her, but there was an intense feeling that i like her , also i feel very happy when i talk to her.
But happiness  no longer remain long, after that one day she asked me that i have feeling for you, do u have the same ?
I am totally shattered, nothing to say. Well i was not able to reciprocate to her feeling as i never felt the same for her, also she was a HINDU girl, and i was pure SIKH  boy , in whose mind 1st preference is to religion. So i didn't respond to her feeling , because we didn't had any future. I didn't wanted to play with her emotions, by saying yes and after 3-4 years leave him at that time i was really disappointed by our society belief's that there are so many  religion, why there are restriction , why we cant be considered as only human.
So it's nearly 3-4 years we talk with each other , in a week on phone ans finally she found some one , with whom she is very happy, but if at that time i had done some little effort , the story would have been changed, the same effort that was put by KAREENA KAPOOR in the story of 3 idiots.
so i just want tell her , that u were the closest and cuties't friend i ever had and i still love u .
thanks A2A CA Megha Agarwal

Did you had an experience of someone loving you and you can't reciprocate his/her feelings?


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