Why no one wants to date a fat women?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

For the same reason girls are not attracted to fat guys.
I personally would love a girl with more "curves" rather than skinny model-looking type, a more chubby-looking girl because even though excess fat usually leads or is a sign of poor health, being too skinny is a huge turn-off and it may as well be a sign of poor health.
Excesses are not good.  It's also in due part because of the media which "provides" us with the "perfect" ideal and makes the most of us feel inadequate.
So it's really not a matter of how you look entirely ( of course, as long as you're not extremely obese or extremely underweight), but how you present yourself.
I know a guy who's lost a lot of weight because of his dedication to sports and he began feeling more confident. He's still kind of "fat" but he's definitely not the same person as 10 years ago because dedication and hard work models behavior greatly.
He's also quite a catch with the ladies for that exact same reason.
So the answer is, confidence and willpower. And how you present yourself is the key.
thanks for A2A !

Why no one wants to date a fat women?


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