Flirt, flatter the girl until she is interested then get bored and move on to the next one. It hurts. Why do guys do this?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Well not all guys  do that , some guys do that because they don't love a girl, they just want to enjoy their life by playing with emotion's and for them it's not love it's just lust.
much does a polar bear weigh? … Enough to bre Howak the ice.”
The quote above describes a typically awkward opening line, and one that is not recommended. Unfortunately, we have all been either the recipient or sender of such cliché, trite, and potentially terrible flirtatious messages. Sometimes you actually hear yourself saying the line, and are then immediately filled with regret.
Despite the pitfalls, flirting can be a key step toward initiating a date. It's equally important in maintaining a romantic relationship. Although we have all flirted and been flirted with, have you ever thought about why we actually flirt? I am guessing most people have not had moments of deep reflection on the question, but Dr. David Henningsen has. Aristotle argued that all communication was goal-oriented, and Henningsen's research has identified six goal-oriented reasons why we flirt:
  1. We may flirt for relational reasons. When driven by this motive, individuals flirt because they want to alter the closeness of their relationship. It's likely that many people flirt because they want to change a friendship to a romantic relationship, or a casually dating scenario to a more serious dating relationship.
  2. Flirters are sometimes driven by the exploring motive. Here, a person flirts to gauge the interest of the person he or she is flirting with. You may be romantically interested in another person and flirt to gauge his or her reaction. Does he or she flirt back? Laugh? Mace you?
  3. Our flirtatious messages are sometimes driven by fun motivations. Sometimes we may flirt simply because it is fun or the interaction is playful.
  4. At times we flirt for instrumental reasons. When flirtatious messages are driven by this motive, we are flirting to achieve a goal. Perhaps you want someone to do you a favor, buy you a drink, or complete a household chore? Flirting in order to get someone to complete those tasks describes this motive.
  5. Flirting can also be driven by the esteem motive. This motive encompasses those times when individuals flirt to increase or reinforce their own self-esteem. Namely, flirting with people, and being flirted with, can make us feel good about ourselves (unless the person is a creep).
  6. Flirting can, of course, be driven by sex. Flirtatious messages born out of this motive are based on a physical attraction to someone and/or the desire to engage in sexual activity with that person. It is important to note, though, that flirting can occur without physical or sexual attraction. This may seem counter-intuitive, but individuals frequently flirt with people they are not attracted to. Consider a time when you flirted with a bartender to get a free drink, or when a 20-something jokingly flirted with the bride’s grandfather at a wedding.
Anyway, my two cents. I feel the concept of love is quite misunderstood. There is a difference between being infatuated with a girl and loving her. I see loads of guys telling their friends that ,' Bhai mujhe usse pyaar ho gaya' (Bro, I have fallen in love with her') after only looking at them for a brief period. This is NOT about love at first sight. This is about the difference between being infatuated/smitten and loving someone.
So in short, I think there are very few (I'd like to say 0) people who could genuinely LOVE someone and flirt with others.
Cause love is blind. Blind towards others.
(By flirting I'm not referring to the casual jokes that many mistake as flirting)
They are just infatuated and hence feel the need to 'test the waters' or 'keep backups'.
THANKS FOR A2A Utkarsha Srivastava !

Flirt, flatter the girl until she is interested then get bored and move on to the next one. It hurts. Why do guys do this?


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