Does this girl likes me?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Well bro, thanks for asking me this question, well it's a sign of liking but when we talk of relation it means love and liking and love are very different , so don't feel upset that she told you that she don't want relation , because in starting most girl prefer to say like this , that they don't believe in love and relations but slowly and slowly when she get's attracted to a boy, they surely understand that this is the one who is my life partner .As girl don't easily trust boys , i.e play smart game by telling don't want any relation.
so you also play smart , sometime ignore her and make her feel jealousy by telling that actually today i got to know , a girl likes me, well i am planning to propose her, what are your thought's and just see her reaction whether her moods changes or not , well that will give you hint and will make her realize that that i should have told her that i am interested in relation.
Try to play outsmart bu using special techniques of flirting question, that will surely throw an impact on her heart like:
  1. Let's flip a coin, if its head you are mine, tail I am yours.
  2. You are line a criminal because you stole my heart..
  3. You are so beautiful, you made me to forget my pick up line.
  4. Can I follow you? Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams.
  5. Are you tired? Because you have been running through my mind all day.
  6. Do you have band-aid? I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  7. I sneezed because God blessed me with you.
  8. I thought Happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with you.
  9. Know what's on Menu? Me-n-U.
  10. I think I am suffering from a lack of Vitamin-U.
  11. Just smile if I am wrong. But dinosaurs still exist right
  12. Are you a camera? Because whenever I see you I smile.
  13. Sorry I forgot your name. Can I call you mine?
  14. I must be in a museum because I am looking at work of art.
  15. I hope you know first aid, because you are taking my breath away.
  16. You must be magician,cause whenever I look at you everything just disappears.
  17. Your hands look tired. Can I hold it for you?
  18. I don't believe in love at first sight but I am willing to make an exception in your case.
  19. You know how else your hair would look really good? In my lap.
  20. My love for you is like dividing by zero. It cannot be defined.
  21. Eureka! I just discovered eight Wonder of World.
  22. I think you are synonym for beautiful.
  23. I want to our love to be like pi, irrational and never ending.
  24. Do you like to be numerator or denominator?
  25. Are you cup of coffee? Because you are keeping me up all night.
  26. I am learning important dates in History? When is your birthday?
  27. I need U to complete the spelling of my future.
  28. If you were a drug I would overdose.
  29. I am a dentist. I fix broken smiles.
  30. When I see your face, there is not a thing that I would change, cause you are amazing just like the way you are.
  31. If you were a tweet, you would be my favorite.
  32. I am not flirting. I am just extra nice to someone extra beautiful.
  33. Hey you should not wear make up. It's messing with the perfection.
  34. If I were God, all of my angels would look like you.
  35. I need you the way a drowning man needs air.
  36. If I had to chose between breathing and loving you. I would use my last breath to tell you that I love you.

Does this girl likes me?


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