Has a person ever loved you a lot? Who was that person? Where is he/she?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

It's my friends story who was from IIT , i would like to share with you
Honestly, I had no intentions of falling in love deliberately .It was very natural and all of a sudden. Being a diehard SRK fan, I was so much acquainted with the concept of “love at first sight’’, as is well shown  in his movies like DTPH, DDLJ, KKHH.., that I started perceiving myself to be ‘Raj’ when a similar situation confronted me.
Actually it all began during the NRCVEE street play at Himadri lawns when I first saw her. Ooh! That brisk smile on her face and those black bewitching eyes blew me away completely. Still I would say, it was not completely her beauty that mesmerized me, it was some other thing; a thing which lacks description, a thing which can better be felt. Hard to explain what went through my mind, it was certainly ‘love at first sight’.
Thankfully, acceptance of friend request on FB did not pose any problem and I remember clearly, wishing her ‘Happy Diwali’ was my first message to her. Just three days later, I sent her another one which read, “I like you. No flirting at all.” Oops, that seems too early saying that, isn’t it?? But that is how I am.
While on my first chat with her one day, after gossiping general issues of whereabouts, movies seen, exams and all, I asked her whether we could be friends. And then, just the reply spoke plenty about her. She said, “Never ever ask a girl that, I mean, do you take any guy’s permission to be his friend?” This was the first time that I realized, it is her mind that carries her beauty, her soul that conveys ultimate benevolence; and I, with a typical guy’s mind frame, was finding it hard to apprehend things. Dreadful!!!
Gradually, after these short chats time and again, I turned to playing pranks with her. Oh god!! marking proxy for her when she sat in the row just behind me, sending over rickshaw to her whenever she walked and needed one, calling to her hostel reception at time over midnight and ordering the receptionist there to send her outside the hostel quickly; these were just a few things that I did with her, and of course with my identity hidden…
Out for a stroll one evening, I saw her heading towards the hostel gate in a rickshaw. Had the thing occurred just once, it would not have sprouted anything tricky in my mind but it became a routine affair for her.  Eventually, I followed her one day. Reaching the place (undefined) where she used to go, I started pretending to be ignorant to her. As I turned back after fooling with one of the persons there, she crossed my way very closely as her black eyes stared at me in suspicion. Later my friend warned (or perhaps said it jokingly) me that I could well be behind bars for stalking a girl. “A**hole,’’ I replied, “had this been the case, DDLJ would have been shot behind bars only.”  In spite of all this, I knew she could feel that I was after her.
As Albert Einstein quoted, “Only two things are infinite, one is universe and the other is human’s stupidity and I am not sure about the former,” I did not lack behind in adding some more stupidity to every next prank I played.
Out came the day I had been desperately waiting for- the Valentine’s Day. Bunking my whole slot of morning classes, I went to SDA with (X). With the best choice we had and the available budget then, I delivered a cake, a rose and a card (with a short love note and my phone number written on it) to her. A cake was also sent to someone in Kailash on behalf of (X). Back in hostel, as we were enjoying the foolishness of the prank played, I received a call from the delivery guy, reporting that one of the cakes had been returned and the details would only be told until we visit his shop again. That was indeed depressing, but (X)’s repeatedly comments like, “yeh kaam to meri wali hi kar sakti hai were providing me relief at times, until very soon, it was clarified that my cake was accepted. I heaved a sigh of relief and enjoyed the other cake with (X) that night.
Soon I got her phone number arranged somehow; the details of which should better be left untold, perhaps for her sake. It was just my second forward to her when the thing happened which I feared of. I got a reply asking who I am. I replied honestly. Further interrogating me about how I got her number, when she found I was not giving the true reply, she replied something. As I was reading the first two words of that reply, I got reminded of the WTF expression. But luckily it read, “What the hell! If you wanted my number, you could have taken it from me directly. And please don’t go around asking away my number.” For a moment, I was left dumbstruck. Her utmost genuineness had started developing a strong liking towards her. The incident posed a question to me, “Is every girl like this or is the case different with her only?” …
I was studying in my room one day when (X) kicked the door and came inside giggling and said, “Be ready to get slapped any moment, dude.” To which I initially thought, Prof. Yadav had read my mail and my innovative idea of imposing a girls’ quota in the IIT system seemed to have pissed him off. It was one of those times when you feel scared and ashamed at the same time, when he told that he had disclosed my name (for all the things done) to her on a Facebook chat. I seriously felt like pulling his eyeballs out and could only recall the lines of ‘TANU WEDS MANU’ and replied, “Tu insaan imandaar na hota,uske liye dil me pyar na hota, main aadmi bhala na hota aur din somvaar na hota, to bholenath ki kasam, goli maar deta.”
It may be the case that at times she thinks, what I am up to finally. But all these pranks that I play, I know for sure, neither it is going to affect her life much, nor I am going to achieve any personal satisfaction or fun out of it. I do not know, but sometimes, some things in life happen for no reason.
Lastly, I thank her for all the small lessons she teaches me now and then. I also want to tell her that she is very pretty. Aaah!! Let me put it this way, she is the prettiest. Period.
And this is why I can scream and say,

Has a person ever loved you a lot? Who was that person? Where is he/she?


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