Which IIT has best Hostel Rooms?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

IIT hostels are very deceptive in looks. It is a classic case of – "Don't judge a book by its cover".  When you first arrive you see a massive red colour building of 4 floors and thus naively believe that it would be as good if not better inside. Your belief is further strengthened when you see manicured gardens and a nicely laid out reading room.
However, the hope turns into despair upon entering the room. The whole thing resembles like a prison. The whole wing is damp throughout the year and corridors have poor ventilation.
There are generally two types of rooms
1. Big rooms that are meant for 2 students.
2. Small rooms for single occupancy.
In 2009 due to massive influx of students there was a severe shortage of rooms in IIT and as a result 3 students were put up in rooms meant for 2 and 2 students in room meant for 1. It was a complete torture.
The facilities in the rooms include
1. Fan – Even in sweltering heat of 45 – 47 degree temperature you are not allowed to keep a cooler. It really tests your patience especially if you have rooms on the top floor.
2. LAN port
3. Desk
4. Almirah
5. Mirror
6. Bed
Hostel also has
1. Computer Room – It's hardly used with most students now having their own laptop.
2. A TV room – We had a huge Sony Bravia TV. Although it had its own share of problems. Sometimes the remote didn't work or the voice was lost.
3. A Gym Room – It is mostly used as a storehouse !
4. Reading Room – It's a huge room with few sofas, big table and few chairs. It's the only place in the hostel that has 2 big size coolers. So in summers you will find students harassed by heat taking a nap there.
5. Garden – Most of the exotic plants planted have dried up. But there is there 3 jhoolas. Interestingly, on the very first day, the first jhoola broke down!
6. A cycle stand
7. A badminton court.
8. Volleyball and cricket ground.
9. Mess
10. TT Room
11. Library facility – It exists just for the nameshake.
12. Washing machines. There are 4 of them on every floor. Most of them are in functional state. Besides, you can also avail the facility of a dhobi who charges very nominal rates.
The biggest drawback of my hostel was the lack of a balcony and proper drinking water supply. Just imagine having just 2 tap for 300-400 students !
However, the bathrooms are pretty good and are fitted with Kajaria tiles.
From IIT Bombay. So, here are my two cents. The room B-112 Hostel-13 in 2010-11 witnessed an epitome of creativity when it was adopted by my IDC junior Abhishek Chaudhary. For Abhishek, it was tough to overcome the standards set by Dipesh Parmar, Shashank Khanna (top entry in this thread) and Ajay Mittal. Abhishek reflected his skills and taste like no one ever in IIT B. Where would you see Ramdhari Singh 'Dinkar' and Harivansh Rai 'Bachchan' having a bed-time conversation with Che Guevara and John Lennon? Where would you see Bob Marley looking upto Ghalib?Incidentally, it was my room in 2009-10. Here are some pics, judge yourself.The concrete bed.The door from inside the room.When you enter the room.

Which IIT has best Hostel Rooms?


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