Why do people in Kashmir hate Indian Army?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

well basically i am from kashmir and know why exactly they hate it, basically  they find that kashmir is first a part of pakisthan as they also call it (azaad kashmir ) they don't want any forces whether it's j&k plice , crpf, bsf or army  so it's not only the army that they hate , they hate every defense forces of india. but as army has many more powers then other , so they hate it at large extend also some of them people think that they do fake encounter to kill civilians of kashmir.
The Indian Army is all about binding to what it feels like a duty to serve. Kashmir, whatever others say, is a part of India. Metaphorically speaking, it's the head of India. Keeping in mind, the role of providing active support and the selfless devotion and dedication to service  that traditionally assigned duties of the Corps call for "SEVA ASMAKAM DHARMA" was adopted as the motto of the Corps.
Hating doesn't take a brave step. Haters keep hating forgetting their purpose of life.

Why do people in Kashmir hate Indian Army?


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