What was your most embarrassing moment in front of your crush?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Embarrassing ? It is an understatement !
This happened back when I was in 7th class. The age when our curiosity about everything was sky high. I was in my room just browsing through Internet which was a big thing back then, actually a site called Page on think.com . I had seen some images(read explicit ) and clicked on them , the images started loading albeit pretty slowly(Dial-up you see! ). I was surprised something so out of the world could be in a knowledge sharing website and there folks was my first encounter with Porn(Ohhhhhhhh…Tabooo). I was curious and this continued for few days in the room.
Everything went fine, I was browsing when people were in the house as well. My desktop HCL beanstalk(Nokia 1100 of PC's) was setup in such a way that it was right next to the door. So, as soon as someone enters the room, they would find it to their right side. I always could figure out when someone was coming to the room as I would keep looking with my right ninja eye. As soon as it looked like someone was coming,  I would minimize the screen and stare at the plush green fields(Desktop background you see, does it strike a bell?!). This was going on for quite  few months and I felt accomplished not because I was watching(a little maybe !) but mainly because I could pull off something so big without anyone noticing.
Very boring right ? Let me finish. I always combed my hair standing in front of a mirror, my favourite in fact. Always. This was one big-ass mirror and where was this mirror? Right behind the desktop user. All the dreams I had to become a professional  ninja were turning into dust, I was too stupid not to realize there was a mirror right opposite to the desktop all the time. And, everyone could see what I was watching right before I minimized the browser.
As expected, my dad found this and I had the most enlightening day of my life that day( read chappal).
Moral- Never try to outsmart your parents. They are always a step ahead. 😀  This incident still gives me a smile even now.

What was your most embarrassing moment in front of your crush?


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