What is it like dating an IITian?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

So to have an IITian as your Girlfriend :
  1. Firstly every time you think about it, it is surprising for you to believe it that You have such a genius girlfriend. Considering my case, I never thought thought I would ever be dating someone so brilliant, frankly in my opinion I always thought IITian's are a boring set of people who have no world outside books. To my surprise they are normal species. :p
  2. You can always happily flaunt about your boyfriend’s achievement to everyone and trust me you will never run out of it. I totally love flaunting my girlfriend and can go on and on 😀
  3. You will realize that there is a lot to do in life, you will become more passionate to chase your dream because you will realize the worth of hard work and constant motivation from your guy.
  4. My girlfriend is doing Engineering Physics which is quite ‘not so opted’ option in the normal engineering world. The reason for her to take it was for her love towards physics (which I never understood why :/ ) , which in turn changed my opinion  to not be a part In rat race and chase your dream, how small they are. I learned from her , life is not all about money it’s about what you love and build your beautiful life on it.
  5. You would get to know that CUTEST friend of his 😀 Happened in my case.
  6. Definitely the true meaning of ‘selfless friendship’ will be understood. The kind of friends I have seen in my girlfriend’s life (IIT Life) Superb. 🙂
  7. God knows how but he'll have solutions to all your problems and patience to listen to your endless crap  (Except during his midsems and endsems.
  8. You can call him anytime at night; to your surprise he will always be awake.
  9. Your grades automatically start improving and your studies stays on track. Oh and yah she can teach you one night before on Skype. 🙂
  10. You will get a prudent guide for almost everything existing in dis world from friends, family,studies everything.
  11. And the nest is, You will be loved in a totally different way altogether.:) He won’t be like a regular girlfriend who keeps on pampering his boyfriend for the sake of it. He will criticize you when needed, he will take hours to make you understand the right point.Oh yes Hours means actually Hours I wonder where that patience comes from.
But when he comes to his romantic side there is no one who can beat him at that. She will go shopping with you, she will surprise you with a cake or a pretty pink dress,give you that cute heart shaped ring. he will make breakfast for you and makes you feel like you are the world to him and he is definitely the one for you.
Negative part:
SHe will go to Denmark and Germany for internships leaving you all alone here. 😦

What is it like dating an IITian?


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