What are some worst stories about breakup?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Okay, so I have been resisting myself whether I should answer this or not. But then I decided I will answer it. Anonymity because my family members are on Quora, and they don't know.
I was in a relationship for almost 17 months.
We got committed on 12th of September, 2010. I believe everyone will have a different experience, but for me the first three months were like WOW! I was in long distance relationship, and we used to talk throughout the day either through text or call. My girlfriend didn't use WhatsApp back then though I insisted her a lot.
Late night calls would last till morning 7 am when I would just get up and go to college (I was in second year engineering). The night would end up in a blink of an eye. I would not even notice that it is already morning.
Every morning like a routine my hand would search for mobile and automatically dial her number. Sometimes, I would ask her to wake me up, and waking up with that voice, loved it. I always liked how she sounded when she woke up, and the voice was just like a small baby.
My day started with her, and it ended with her. We would talk about anything and everything. I would remind her of every small detail or thing I would remember about her when we had met in the past. I would write ten to twelve pages (1 page = 1 text-message size) on monthly anniversaries.
Life was good. Happy statuses everywhere be it Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. Randomly smiling if you remember some crazy things about her. You will be happy all the time. Every love song you hear, you will relate it to her. Sometimes I would cry and thank God for everything.
Daydreaming about her in classes and had no idea when the lecture started and when it ended.
And when the day would come where I get a chance to meet her, I would be all excited, nervous about how I am looking, try on different shirts. Then change again for the fifth time ultimately wearing the first one again, thinking she will like it.
In short life was heaven. I always made sure I celebrate the month anniversaries, first kiss anniversary and so on.
Until first six months, then the calls dropped to two to three hours at night. Suddenly sleep was more important. Messages dropped. Sometimes no reply for the message and then in the morning I would get, "Sorry, went asleep last night. Morning :*."
Everything was fine. LDR was taking its toll. We would miss each other that we have not met for a long time. Silly fights. Possessiveness increased. Insecurities and all that crap.
Nonetheless, I celebrated the first year anniversary with a bang. I had this habit of making personalized gifts, and I always made sure I write something good for her. I was planning the first year anniversary since three months. I finally made a storybook with the best things from all the months and how we fell in love. She LOVED IT. When I sent it to her, she called me up, and she CRIED. I cried. Love was in the air.
After that, I don't know why, but things changed. She got busy in her twelfth classes and college. She somehow didn't have time. Priorities changed for her. She would hang out with her friends and not have time for me. We started fighting. Her possessiveness that was cute at first started getting on nerves when she asked me not to talk to my girl-best-friend. She started thinking that I am dating my best friend. She started talking to random guys just to make me jealous. Things were getting out of hand.
Then we were talking much, no calls. Only text messages. She forgot my birthday. Imagine, you are talking to your girlfriend since last night until 10 am in the morning. Your friends are asking if your girlfriend wished you or not. And she had no idea that it was your birthday.
Suddenly, in between the chat, when she was randomly checking Facebook she gets to know that it's your birthday and then calls up feeling sorry and laughing that, "Sorry, I completely forgot and all" and then worst, she fought with me on my birthday saying that I didn't remind her that it's my birthday. CAN YOU IMAGINE!. I didn't say anything; I had had enough. Sad thing was her birthday is seventeen days after my birthday, and I was making her birthday gift since twenty-five days.
Anyway, I ended our relationship on 24th of March. Though it was hard for me, I had realized that she has changed, and there is no future. She cried. I cried. I told her I don't see any future as we had not talked on the phone for almost a month. But after the breakup she suddenly got time to talk, and she would call me every day to make-up, but I had made my mind. Even though I loved her, I knew that this is not going to work in the future.
I anyway completed the gift I had made for her and sent it to her. It has been almost four years now. I still miss her.
The End.

What are some worst stories about breakup?


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