What are some facts about life?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

his answer is going to be deep and esoteric, maybe meaningless to many – they are merely my personal observation..
1. In every birth, our physical memory is wiped clean.. hence we don't recall who we are. Not sure why nature has made it in a such a way – maybe for some higher purpose, I'm yet to find the answer to this.
2. This Life is nothing but a Dream within a Dream (like in the movie Inception).. Death is like waking up from that Dream.
3. We're Spiritual beings having an Human Experience – our body is merely a container of the spirit
4. Everything we see around us, is just 'Energy'. We all have heard this a million times, but only a handful of us are a capable to live by it on a day to day basis in the middle of this rich human experience.
5. Our so called 'Mind' is not within our body or our brain (even though we keep pointing to our head while referring to it), it is actually an external part of our existence which is entangled with everyone else's mind.
Would love to know what you guys think of this… hope they make some sense.

What are some facts about life?


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