Can the Kashmir dispute ever be resolved? How?

Answer by Arûn Râinâ:

Perhaps it's an old saying nothing is impossible or we can say when there is will there is way. But it depend on the people of KASHMIR , they should understand that it not alone KASHMIR, it's j&k whose part is KASHMIR and it's an main part of INDIA , but perhaps people are totally misunderstanding , they think that INDIAN force instead of saving there life , they re killing the local civilians. they don't think what the INDIAN govt has given to people of KASHMIR whether it comes to jobs, scholarships for their children, funds etc.But in their mind their is one thing that we want kashmir to be (azaad) but they don't think the freedmo, facilities they are getting in INDIA will they get when it is azaad, no not at oll. They are just listening to their separatists leaders. The people of KASHMIR should not listen to their leaders, but should think of their own and when then happens the dispute will be solved.
But as far as today life is concerned it's far better then it was previous years, KASHMIRI boys ware well educated , doing their professional courses in other states and when they got out they find what they have to do in future and so they don't get involved in such miserable things( protests) and live their life joyfully.
So i think soon , there will be a time when there will be no issue but if the people get understand LIFE WITHOUT INDIA.

Can the Kashmir dispute ever be resolved? How?


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