Which is that incident after which you stopped taking life seriously?

Answer by Vaibhav Chauhan:

24th Oct 2004.
I was on my way to attend computer classes in NIIT janakpuri. It was 11am in the morning and i was on my bike. We used to have blue line buses at that point in time and delhi metro was still under construction.
  • I was riding my bike with my helmet on, i hardly travelled 3km and a blue line bus hit my bike from behind as 2 of the blue line buses of same route were racing in a competiotion to pickup more customers/travellers.
  • I fell down and my eyes got closed, when i opened my eyes i found my left thigh under the front left tyre of the bus and i was lying with my face down towards road.
  • Driver applied the break just on right time that the tyre didn't cross the bone of my thigh but my thigh muscles were still under the tyre. Driver ran away as soon as he applied breaks, the helper took the bus back. I was just praying that he puts the reverse gear instead of 1st.
  • I used to workout and i had heavy thighs at that time and because the wound was fresh i didn't feel too much of pain.
  • Somebody got me up and helped me to cross the road, i lied down there in front of a HP petrol pump.
  • People came around me and when i asked them to take me to the hospital no one came ahead instead said police will come and take you to the hospital.
  • A guy from crowd came ahead and asked for my cell phone and name of person who needs to be notified about my accident. I gave him all the names and one by one he called them up and gave the informtaion about my accident.
  • I asked him to put me into an auto rikshaw and i will reach the hospital on my own. 2 guys from the crowd helped me to get into an auto and i was trying to have a look at my leg but one of them said don't look you won't feel any better and i didn't check.
  • Hospital was 1.5km away from where the accident happened. I fainted as soon as i entered hospital premises and when i opened my eyes i was in X-ray room found my left soulder fractured and leg didn't have muscles from thigh to calves.
  • It required 3 skin grafting surgeries, 6 units of blood and 8 units of plasma to keep my leg working.
It took me an year to recover and i suffered a lot of pain within that year. I still thank god that he saved me and i can still walk on my own legs.
I thought life is short, it could end up any moment. Why can't i make most of it.
Things i did after i recovered from that accident.
  • I fell in love with a b'ful girl, married her after 5 yrs of relationship and have a 17 months old cute baby boy after 6 yrs of marriage.
  • I did sky diving.
  • I did bungee jumping.
  • I did scuba diving.
  • I found my passion i.e. Working out at gym and staying in shape.
  • I learnt photography on my own by watching videos on youtube.
  • I travelled 3 countries with my wife and planning for more with wife and son this time.
  • I have started finding happiness in small things.
  • Clubs don't attract me anymore rather i find spending time with my family more precious.
  • I am not ashamed of my injured ugly looking leg but i cover it up whenever i wear shorts so that people don't get scared. 🙂
My left leg could be seen in this pic
This is a light painting  real time photograh with no editing.

Which is that incident after which you stopped taking life seriously?


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