What was the first thing you did after a break up?

Answer by Tapish Jain:

My breakup hit me hard. I had a girlfriend for 5 years whom I loved madly. She was my batchmate in college and by the end of our studies we were firm that we will marry each other. We both belonged to Jain community, so caste was not a problem. Her family started showing her boys and she casually declined all the proposed grooms. She told me its going to be easy for her to ask her parents for me. This filled me with confidence and I started to loosen the information on my family. Slowly and gradually, my whole family got the news that I am in love with a girl. Everybody found her sweet and liked her.

One day I got a call from her that there is a boy coming to see her. I asked her to decline the proposal as usual. But the story took a twist there. After the meeting she called me and started crying that I am not able to convince my parents and they want me to marry this guy. I told her to let me talk to them. She denied that its of no use don't do it. Next day she called me and told me that her father has said yes to the other family. I was like, "he can't go against your will you just say No to the other family".

Later she called me in the evening that tomorrow is her engagement, her family is getting strict and so we need to break up.

I was dancing in the Baraat of my friend's brother when I got the news. So technically I danced just after my breakup 😀

A "Baraat" is a Groom's wedding procession where the bridegroom travels to the wedding venue on a mare, accompanied by his friends and family who dances all the way.

What was the first thing you did after a break up?


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